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How can i control my expressions?I can't control my smile which causes problems.How can i minimize it?plz Help

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    i think u shudnt control ur expressions, thyr a gift of god! let people think whtever they want....just tell them truthfully, im sorry, but thats how i feel, if thy are hurt.....if the circumstances are unavoidable, say u had sumthing stuck in your teeth, and was about to ask sumone whether there was anything there, which is why u were showing ur teeth....

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    These were all great answers but unfortunately I don't think any of you guys actually answered her. So here's my two cents. If you want to smile less associate your smiling with a negative stimulus. For example, inconspicuously pinch yourself whenever you feel like you are smiling at an inappropriate time. My psychology teacher slapped herself right on her cheek whenever she misspoke words during her lecture. This technique is called behavior conditioning. And it is a proven method pioneered by Ivan Pavlov. He conditioned dogs to salivate at the ring of a bell. You can associate your smiling with pain, so your mind will believe that pain will ensue if you smile. I emphasize that your mind will believe that pain will ensue. You don't have to pinch yourself if you smiled or laughed at an appropriate time. Good luck and don't forget to smile. It truly does make the world a happier place for others. I know because I love to laugh and smile and see people smile. It just brightens up my day :)

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    keep smiling. The world needs more of that. You'll be known as someone cheerful. What's wrong with that?

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    expressions can be very valuable, its a form of communication, and sometimes a lack of communication benefits us.

    Practice in the mirror, it works wonders.

    Watch how others do it, try james bond, practise a half smile with more eyebrows.....its money.

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    I had that problem when I was in the Military and it got my @ss into alot of trouble..could never stop smiling/laughing. But I found out that if I thought of dead puppies and funerals my smile would fade away.

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