Whats the difference between your SOUL and SPIRIT?

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    According to the Bible, the soul is the blood and dies with the body. The Spirit of Life we share with all forms of life, with neither being greater than the other. Then there is the spirit realm, where the angels dwell, which are basically intelligent forms of energy. At the time of the death of Christ, all that he was God recorded in the Book of Life. The body of Christ was destroyed to fulfill the covenant of the sacrificial lamb. He remained in the grave, unable to do anything until his resurrection, at which point he was raised or downloaded into a new spirit body.

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    Every person is born as a soul. The soul is the mind, will and emotions. The body is not a part of the sould it is only a vessel.

    The original man had a spirit but his spirit died due to sin. All men of the earths spirit is dead until such time as they execpt Jesus as Lord and Savior at which time they experence a new birth of the spirit. The spirit is a literal person that lives in us all. The spirit is were faith works and it is were real conviction comes from. We know right and wrong by the spirit.

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    The spirit of God is the life of the soul. The spirit of God can not dwell long in imperfection or sin. Adam and Eve were created souls, Adam's first day would have been 1000 years, he and all was perfect when he was created. For sin he was alienated from God, and all the souls born to him is as well. Eccl.12:7; Psm.104:29,30;


    God did not destroy, but rather made plans to save the offsprings of Adam with the resurrection of all the souls born to him. Heb.9:27; 1Cor.15:22-28,51-53;

    Some will believe so strongely and adhere so strictly as to be heaven souls.

    Rev.20:1-6,12,13 [ No Satan, heavenly there to resurrect the earthly 2Pet.3:13;

    The heaven souls see all the earthly souls resurrected. When the earth is cleansed after 1000 years. Rev.21:1-5 [ ALL IS MADE NEW ];




    Source(s): Bible.
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    First of all, you do not have and immortal soul, if you did, then why had no one gone to Heaven before Jesus came to the Earth, 4000 years had came & gone since Adam & Eve, millions of people had died, what did Jesus say to a man of the Pharisees, Nic·o·de'mus was his name, a ruler of the Jews.

    John 3:13

    Moreover, no man has ascended into heaven but he that descended from heaven, the Son of man.

    What is a Soul?

    Right in the very first book of the Bible, Genesis, we are told that the soul is not something you have, it is something you are. We read of the creation of Adam, the first human being: “The man came to be a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7) The Hebrew word used here for soul, ne'phesh, occurs well over 700 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, never once conveying the idea of a separate, ethereal, spiritual part of man. On the contrary, the soul is tangible, concrete, physical.

    Look up the following cited texts in your own copy of the Bible, for the Hebrew word ne'phesh is found in each of them. They clearly show that the soul can face risk, danger, and even be kidnapped (Deuteronomy 24:7; Judges 9:17; 1 Samuel 19:11); touch things (Job 6:7); be locked up in irons (Psalm 105:18); crave to eat, be afflicted by fasting, and faint from hunger and thirst; and suffer from a wasting disease or even insomnia as a result of grief. (Deuteronomy 12:20; Psalm 35:13; 69:10;) In other words, because your soul is you, your very self, your soul can experience anything you can experience.

    Does that mean, then, that the soul can actually die? Yes. Far from being immortal, human souls are spoken of in the Hebrew Scriptures as being “cut off,” or executed, for wrongdoing, being struck fatally, murdered, destroyed, and torn to pieces. (Exodus 31:14; Deuteronomy 19:6; 22:26; Psalm 7:2) “The soul that is sinning, it itself will die,” says Ezekiel 18:4. Clearly, death is the common end of human souls, since all of us sin. (Psalm 51:5) The first man, Adam, was told that the penalty for sin was death, not transfer to the spirit realm and immortality. (Genesis 2:17) And when he sinned, the sentence was pronounced: “For dust you are and to dust you will return.” (Genesis 3:19) When Adam and Eve died, they simply became what the Bible often refers to as ‘dead souls’ or ‘deceased souls.’

    Some people think that “spirit” is just another word for “soul.” However, that is not the case. The Bible makes clear that “spirit” and “soul” refer

    to two different things. How do they differ?

    Bible writers used the Hebrew word ru´ach or the Greek word pneu´ma when writing about the “spirit.” The Scriptures themselves indicate the meaning of those words. For instance, Psalm 104:29 states: “If you [God] take away their spirit [ru´ach], they expire, and back to their dust they go.” And James 2:26 notes that “the body without spirit [pneu´ma] is dead.” In these verses, then, “spirit” refers to that which gives life to a body. Without spirit, the body is dead. Therefore, in the Bible the word ru´ach is translated not only as “spirit” but also as “force,” or life-force. For example, concerning the Flood in Noah’s day, God said: “I am bringing the deluge of waters upon the earth to bring to ruin all flesh in which the force [ru´ach] of life is active from under the heavens.” (Genesis 6:17; 7:15, 22) “Spirit” thus refers to an invisible force (the spark of life) that animates all living creatures.

    Source(s): Reasoning from the Scriptures
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    One & the same. The spirit, soul is the creator of things as far as thoughts go. A total awareness of self would be realising that you have an identity seperate from the identity given you (or the one you assume) from birth to play the game of life with.

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    the word soul only appears in genesis after God breathed life into Adam. but the body was not alive until it was animated and joined with the spirit. The spirit is eternal and the mortal body dies and returns to the dust.

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    Your sole is what rides a roller coaster of emotions; happy, sad, delighted, bored, and so on. But the spirit stays in a constant state. It is either with God or without Him.

    For example, when I'm feeling angry, there is still a part of me deep down inside that knows I'm wrong and shouldn't be acting that way. That is my spirit. Some would call it your inner self.

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    For me, the soul is the deep down part of a person, your thoughts, feelings, desires those things that stay with you.

    The spirit is the essence of life that moves freely in this life and the next. The part of us that communes with GOD.

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    We are the living soul and our life force is the spirit

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    Your soul is the part of you that lives forever--your mind. Your spirit is your personality. They are both eternal. Just as our Father is part of a trinity, so are we...soul, body, and spirit.

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