when writing aproposal on the turnover rate what can i say that affects it?

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  • csanda
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    1 decade ago
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    First, define "turnover rate".

    If it is sales, then you can break it down by its key variables of "units" and "price". You can then break those down into sub-types (e.g. by product/service type, geography, customer type).

    If you mean personnel turnover, then it is usually is affected by 1) natural attrition (i.e. the amount of people that leave during a "normal year", 2) state of the economy (e.g. are people leaving to go to better jobs), 3) compensation cycle (e.g. are people waiting for their year-end bonus, is the year-end review a farce?), 4) morale and 5) exogenous factors (e.g. a merger with another company.

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