In the anime "vision of escaflowne" how did allen know that prince sid is his son?

princess millerna is princess marlene younger sister. marlene is the woman whom allen have a child with. before marlene died she wrote a diary whom later was discovered by millerna

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    Chid is the son of the king, the king stated that.

    Chid is the son of the woman that Allen loved.

    Chid shared a close bond with Allen and similiar to him.

    Whether Allen 'contributed' his genes to Chid, I don't know, that episode arc try too hard to be too controversial for something that is not, it made me find it unwatchable.

    Millerna was very upset over the possibility Chid is the son of Allen. I don't know why she did that, see above.

    But if Chid was Allen's son and it's a secret, it probably will cause a big disgrace to Chid's mother and her family.

    Anyway, Chid's voice actress also voiced for Allen's younger sibling. She also voiced for Conan in Detective Conan. :)

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    Allen knows, cuase he known that marlene had a kid too early cause she only married the king for ___ amount of days ( i dont remember) and then she gets pregnant? it must of have been allen, but the king says its his son and so on.

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    you see i had that same problem, i just came to the conclusion that they looked kinda the same!

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    it was in the script.

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