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A good online place to learn a language?

Not just any language, i want to learn Khmer (Cambodian language).

I've seen places with phrases but i want to learn it thoroughly.

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    While I am no expert (yet) on Khmer language, I hope I am qualified to (at the very least) share a few tidbits of what I have gleaned over the years!

    I have been searching for a decent Khmer language course (online or otherwise) for nearly as long as my husband and I have been together- 17 years! Unfortunately, the world just isn't overflowing with places to learn Khmer. That being said, you can get a pretty good start online.

    To my knowledge, the best place to find decent instruction on the web is a site called SEAsite- (stands for Southeast Asian Site) and is run out of Northern Illinois University. The site has tons of information and practice exercises as well as an abundance of fun and interesting language, political, musical etc.. links.

    One other site I have also found helpful is called AK-Online (Authentic Khmer Online) It is put together nicely and has lots of info for one smallish site. The links for these two resources are below. ..

    Additionally, (and sadly I cannot locate the address now, ) there IS (floating around out there somewhere in cyberspace) an AMAZING free .pdf copy of Franklin Huffman's "Cambodian System fo Writing and Beginning Grammar" which is THE premier collegiate course for Khmer--It is fully printable and yields a hefty 150 page book for your studies--

    Good luck in your endeavor-- Khmer is such a beautiful, poetic language--

    And one more thing... if you are inclined to cook, I can't help but put in a plug for my very favorite Khmer cooking site: ... This beautiful site is a fantastic resource hosted by an extremely devoted woman.... The food is superb, as are the history lessons and anecdotes!

    on to the links!!!

    Once again- Congratulations and good luck!!

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    That is a lifetime committment the same as learning any language and will take hard daily study for years. If you are serious you may want to make contact with a college or university and see what they have in courses. You will probably need a year on just the language itself, and then decide whether to learn contemporary or ancient.

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    ah no idea...but maybe you can learn by chatting with Khmer ppl? I visit and sometimes i see some Khmer ppl. If you wanna try....and after you find and talk to 'em you can expand your network....i guess. Good luck!

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    Try buying an interactive CD Rom - look for specialist Language bookshops on line.

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    what i sujest is to find a online dictionary that translates phrases then just start with common phrases then work to more complex sentences

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