protein drinks?

I was wondering if protein drinks make you fatter or skinny? i'm doing excersice to get skinny and i wan to know if protein drinks are good for me? if they are where can i buy them? and if they taste bad?

Oh, and wich do you think is the best one!



my exercises include running 30min-and sit-ups,crounches. mostly trying to lose weight on my tummy and legs!

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    More protein=more muscle=more weight. But also less fat. Replacing five pounds of fat with 10 of muscle will make you look better and be better for you. Do you need a protein drink to do this? Not really. It's expensive and unless it's consumed at the right time it's pretty useless. I like protein drinks before bed and after a workout. That's about it. Remember, though, too much protein is bad for your kidneys.

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    I drink protein shakes after I work out but I do it to gain muscle. I like chocolate the best but I prefer milk rather than water. It tastes better. A blender would help to reduce the lumps. The health food store is a good place to buy them and they have informative people there to help you.

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    Protein helps you build muscle mass, which in turn will help you look more toned AND will help your muscles burn more fat when you work out. Just go to a GNC or other health store and get the protein powder (vanilla flavor is the best) and add it to ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, etc.

    And by the way, hun..."skinny" is not in anymore. Just work on getting "toned" and you'll look a lot healthier, which is what guys REALLY like. Good luck to you.

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    For females any soy protein mix is great.......taste........well protein drinks have come a long way in the last 25-30 years.......even the bad tasting ones now are super compared to back in the day trust me on this one....LOL...Go to health food store and ask questions and read, read, read, find what best suits your need. There's one for almost every situation........whats good for me isn't good for you.

    Source(s): former trainer
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    yes protien will help give you the nutrition you need. just make sure that you buy HIGH protein LOW calorie types of protien. Whey is probably the best for your purposes.

  • Mayo Clinic Diet - high protein.

    Breakfast - orange juice mixed with egg whites.

    do not eat the yolk - it's fat.

    Lunch - fish and salad;

    Dinner - steak; or fish; or chicken with salad. (You can have as much salad as you want!)

    In-betweens - fruit; yogurt; raw vegetables.

    Source(s): Mayo Clinic Diet - Boxers
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