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My property is in foreclosure and the trustee sale is 1/9. How long do I have to vacate the property?

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    The trustee sale has nothing to do with how long you stay. You can stay until you have received a formal notice to quit the premises (an eviction order) from the new property owner after the sale, and the stated time period to vacate has passed.

    It's also possible to extend that time period through legal means, and in some cases the new owner may actually want you to stay awhile or even permanently (and pay him rent, of course.)

    Good luck, I hope things work out for you.

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    If you have equity I might be able to save the house for you. Let me know the details.

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    depends on the eviction laws of your county.

    Source(s): Satar Naghshineh California Licensed Real Estate Broker and Investor
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