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what do u think ??????

what do u think of ur self honstly ?? what is the most thing u like about ur self ?? and what is the most thing u hate about ur self

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    i hate how fat and short i am (i get soooooooo frusterated wen i shop cuz every store fits me awkwardly only limitedtoo fits me well and to bad 4 me its the expenisve store!)

    i like how cute and bubely i am i think several guys like that about me

  • The things I mostly like about myself are stubbornness and ambition...The things I dislike are my incapacity of loving a man more than 1 second, and the fact that the world is too small for everything I want to do....

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    i think im an ok kinda guy. i try to be friendly to people. i like how i try to be friendly to everybody. i hate how i make stupid choices over n over again.

  • 1 decade ago

    im happy with my face and figure, just dont like eyebags sometimes

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  • 1 decade ago

    i like my eyes and the fact that i am tall

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