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ok...another football "what if"!!?

I'm just full of football ideas! are the coach of a team. Its a critical time in the game.

So, you send 12 guys into the offensive huddle.

No flag can be thrown for "too many men on the field" until the ball is snapped.

As the play clock runs down, you send your best receiver in motion. He keeps in motion...and runs right off the field just before the ball is snapped! If its a Steve Smith, or T.O...a defensive back has to be following him...but he's just a decoy! This will leave a huge gap somewhere where the "real" planned go-to guy will be open!

Would THIS work???

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    You can't break the huddle with 12 players or a flag will be thrown.

    5 yard penalty

    32. Twelve (12) men in the huddle.

  • Adam
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    No, you can have as many men as you want in the huddle, but the flag is thrown if you break the huddle with the wrong number of can howver have one of your 11 players do that, for example i know some teams have the quarterback line up in shot gun then have him walk off like hes going to call a time out, then they direct snap it to the running back

  • Anonymous
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    no, because you are WRONG. you CAN be flagged for having 12 men in the huddle before the ball is snapped. you just can't be flagged for having 12 men on the field until the ball is snapped.

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    Are you serious? A flag can be thrown no matter how much time is left. Its a pretty stupid play.

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