Is there a code for debug mode on super mario 64 DS?

I just heard this--thinking it's a fake--but it sounds cool. So if you know if it's true or not please tell me. And if it's real post the code please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    as far as i know there's no real code to debug the game but there are three cheat devices out there..

    one is the action replay ds..

    one is the action replay max duo..

    and the third one is the codebreaker..

    ya can get the first two at any store that deals with video games and the third one i think ya can get it from but i'm not sure where to find it except at a Gamestop video game store..

    ya might want to check at and see if ya can get all three through them or check to see if there's a store near you..

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