Hi i'm 17 weeks pregnant n recently left my partner of 4 yrs is it wrong to date before i have the baby?


I dont think there is much of a chance of reconciling its been over for about 8 months we were both planing to break up just hadn't done it it.

I had a man ask me out for lunch and yes he knows im pregnant.

The baby dad was and is the only guy i have even gone natural with and i was on teh pill and very careful with new partners.

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    Well, being a single mother is very hard and dating while being a single mother is no easier. So if you can get a head start on that there's no problem. Also, being pregnant might just ease a lot of the tension around revealing that you're a single mum, because at some point it'll be pretty tricky to hide.

    I would say that being pregnant is also the ultimate form of contraception (apart from abstinence) but you wouldn't want the kid to get an STD, so you still have to be careful, obviously.

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    It's not wrong, but you might want to think seriously about it. Right now, your emotions are clouded by hormones, etc. and you may not be thinking straight. Take some time for yourself and the baby before you jump into another relationship. Ending a 4 year relationship is tough and you probably have a lot of mixed up feelings right now. Why not sort those out and then see how you feel later? The reason I say this is that, if you were sure you wanted to date, you wouldn't have asked the question on yahoo answers.

    Source(s): licensed counselor and PhD psychology student
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    i'm sorry the scientific expert's form of blew you off. I in simple terms had somewhat one some months in the past. that's frequent for pastime to decelerate somewhat simply by fact there is way less room. endure in innovations which you are the dr. 's affected person. in case you pick reassurance and don't understand approximately something do no longer hesitate to grant them a decision. you do no longer could desire to experience undesirable approximately it the two. I went in a pair of situations in the direction of the top while i grow to be feeling diverse. they might provide me a non rigidity try for the toddler. that's the place they placed a moniture on your abdomen and degree pastime. Like others have stated you are able to drink orange juice that usually gets the toddler shifting. that they had me drink some in the past the tests. Braxton Hicks are frequent to get. i might attempt to loosen up as much as you are able to. Drink diverse fluids and pamper your self. you may experience 10 strikes interior a 2 hour era. My dr. reported counting the comparable time daily while the toddler is maximum energetic. in case you are not getting 10 call your dr. Congratulations !! suited desires

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    If you mean, is it wrong to go out with responsible men and have a healthy (no drugs, drink or cigs) good time. Then it is alright.

    But your priority now is the baby and keeping s/he healthy.

    Are you absolutely sure you won't reconcile?

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    babe the same thing happend to me it is ok to date before having the baby as long as the person knows your pregnant the only other thing is stay away from sex before having the baby coz you will just get emotionall if it doesn't work out and that's not good for the baby!!

    good luck

  • Jon
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    1 decade ago

    Of course it is allright to date before you have the baby. I hope you find a guy who loves you and will love your child.

    <kiss 4 u>

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    YES...I think there are more pressing matters at hand now. Situate yourself into the "single mother" role first and get used to it...THEN go out on dates. Have fun.

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    hiii i think its ok as long as hes a nice caring friend u can trust him that matters to u im sure but of cose you have to look after you two now so keep eyes and mind open where its nice to see someone who u like just now your on your own its time to think of you and baby now your alone but still injoy time with a nice friend if thats what u like but think of baby to now tc .

  • ginger
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    1 decade ago

    Settle down and concentrate on the baby!

    Good luck with all of that.

  • paki
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    1 decade ago

    no but are you going to tell the new date that you are pregnant or have him guess. Because this is one suprise men do not want to hear

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