Best place in Mexico for an american to move to?

My wife wants to live in another country for a year or so. I thought Mexico would be nice because it is inexpensive. I have a 18 month child and would need high speed thats it.


A bunch of americans living there was probably be a bad point instead of a good point. I want to live in Mexico to experience the culture not be around americans.

Update 2:

I love belize but it is too expensive, we are actually considering Guatemala in the city antigue.

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    Puerto Peñasco, aka Rocky Point, in Sonora. It's very close to the border in case you miss the U.S... you know... Wal-Mart and stuff.

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    Great question!

    Why only Mexico? It's a beautiful country but, in many parts, becoming more unstable every month.

    You may also want to consider Panama, Costa Rica & Chile. They tend to be much more stable countries (for the past 18 years.)

    Plan to rent a home for 6 - 12 months... by then you'll know if you love it or hate it!

    Note, in many countries, you will not be able to find work (legally) so, if possible, plan to have your own business. You will also need to research the laws of the country regarding your own business. They can differ significantly and may require that you deposit $10K - 60K in a local bank. For example, I believe Costa Rica now requires $60K to be deposited for self-employed Americans & Canadians... depending on how their money is earned, ie, brick and mortar business or web based.

    Best wishes!

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    There are lots of great places, are you after mountains, beach, lake? Did you want a big city or a smaller town? Any other requirements, close to an airport, etc. ? Do you like cold weather, or are you after year round tropical weather?

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    Rosarito, Baja California. there are tons of americans living there especially retired americans. Also its close to San Diego about an hour drive. And just a real laid back lifestyle.

    trust me youl enjoy sitting on the and drinking Coronas with some fish tacos.

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    Tucson, Sonora Norte

    If your only requirement is high speed internet. You have a lot of choices in the world. I am in bolilvia and they have it here.

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    Mexico city.




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    Absolutely Guadalajara. Clean, beautiful city. Nice people. Great climate. Just BE CAREFUL!--You might not want to come back home!

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    Merida, on the east coast.

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