How can you add volume to layered hair?

My hair is long enough to brush against my collar-bone and is cut into long layers, resembling those on my avatar. It is a dirty blonde color, and has on volume at all. It just sits there, flat. I want to be able to wear my hair down and have it look very lush: right out of a Garnier or Pantene commercial. The most time I have is 1/2 an hour and I do have a limited budget.

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    u could use voulme hair products..shampoo or so...u could also try to use a mouse or so on your hair

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    The layers need to be slightly shorter on top. Gravity pulls the hair down making it flat with no volume

    Try standing up when drying your hair and tip your head over towards your knees. Drying the hair at the roots like this adds volume. When almost dry tip head back over and style as required

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    I used to have the same problem when my hair was short. Try cutting your layers shorter on the top of your head, this will make your hair look bigger. Also, after you shower, apply a volumizing mousse to your roots and then flip your head over and blow dry your hair. Any volumizing mousse from the supermarket or drugstore will work well.

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    Use a shampoo and conditioner that adds volume, then use gel and add a little mousse. Blow dry it upside down. Then put your head up and brush and use a big curling iron to add touches, hold your head upside down again and brush, and put your head up and let it fall down, then use an aerosol hairspray. This will hold your style in place.

    Source(s): Some beauty college.
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    i do accept as true with the different answer approximately straightening it, whilst doing so carry your irons on the precise of the component of hair and slowly curve inwars in direction of your head, such as you're flicking it in direction of your head which ought to physique your face and quit bits flicking out and including quantity. yet another tip it to circumvent blowing you hair dry the incorrect way up like a lot of human beings do because it provides to the quantity of hair. instead take a seat upright and element the hairdryer downwards alongside the hair shaft and back in step with threat curling it inwards slightly. despite you do circumvent moussing your hair as that provides quantity on your locks. desire that helped!

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    use a volumizing shampoo and blow dry your hair at the roots, and half way down,let the rest air dry. and maybe try big grandma curlers, they dont add much curl,just wave and volume.

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