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how is it to get the girl of your dreams be yours?

even if you know she is ver hard to dudes and dudettes..

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    just be what you are coz u dont get hurt in dreams but its a lot different in reality,dont fake yourself just give her those normal positive hints which are in the genes of each guy if she likes you she will respond with girly positive hints then jst enjoy the beauty of love

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    Seems to me that if your choices are based on dreams youv'e started out of the gate with wrong thinking. Dreams are built on fantasy. Fantasy creates unpredictable expectations. When expectations are not met disapointment follows. This false expectation issue is compounded by pursuing a person who seemingly doesn't want you (hard to get). There are 2 and 1/2 billion women on the planet. Let that go and find someone who at least is interested in you as well. How can you miss with a dating pool that large.

    Source(s): Guys on Girls Show KTUH 90.3fm Honolulu or Charlie Applegate host
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    My dream guy: Is a preppy guy, he has stunning green eyes, is muscular (no longer great grotesquely muscular, yet effective finding) has a style of smiles that makes your heart beat speedier once you notice it, loves cuddling, random street journeys, and spending time with me! (: FQ1: I even have an entire playlist.... in case you like determination: Sleep, all and sundry... - Powerspace, Breakin' - The All-American Rejects, toughest section - Coldplay, attractiveness interior the Breakdown - The Scene Aesthetic, Your call - Secondhand Serenade, Angels on the Moon - Thriving Ivory, Vanilla Twilight - Owl city in case you like united states: 'Til summer season Comes around - Keith city, stupid Boy - Keith city, final call - Lee Ann Womack, tell Me Why - Taylor quick in case you like pop (a number of those are miscategorized): I on no account instructed You - Colbie Calliat, virtually Lover - an excellent Frenzy, Nicest subject - Kate Nash, continuously and virtually continually - Kate Voegele, different fringe of the international - KT Tunstall, do no longer Say see you later - Paulina Rubio in case you like rock: have self assurance in Me - an afternoon to bear in mind, on my own in this mattress - Framing Hanley, Bliss (i do no longer Wanna comprehend) - ward off, everywhere - Michelle branch, Breakeven - The Script, stay - Safetysuit That became a protracted checklist.. Lol FQ2: i think of it is extremely obtainable. there is been a time whilst i presumed I had, yet i think i became improper.... it will ensue at last, whilst it is the suitable time. a minimum of that's what I shop telling myself. FQ3: i've got in basic terms performed Xbox 360, so i will ought to bypass with that (:

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    hmmm, the girl of your dreams. Well you can't get eveything you want in a woman, that is not realistic. You need to scrifice some of your needs to meets her needs. Life is not easy. I have to say that I got the woman of my dreams. She is beatiful and we have a daughter together. That is all I could ever want. If you are shallow you will never get the woman you want.

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    Not sure man. all i have to do is call mine she lives 12 miles up the road and she calls me sweety. :)

  • Anonymous
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    just got to try against all odds

  • OC
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    patience and perseverance. These two things will get you there.

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    keep dreaming.

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