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I really need HELP about my foreskin.....?

I'm 16 years old and I have Phimosis,meaning my foreskin is tight, that means I dont get to pull it down.

So last night I went to a doctor, and I told him my prob and all the stuff....he looked so damn blur and told me that the only thing to do is circumcision. But I told him that I've read on the Net that nowadays that are many ways to cure from phimosis other than getting circumcised....he just wasn't so into the other methods like using special creams and pulling it down slowly....he never really explain to me how to pull it slowly and just gave me some normal white cream to apply on the foreskin and try pulling it down.

But the cream say 'ellgy cream' maybe spelled wrongly.....maybe it's allergy cream and it also says POISON.....why the hell did I get a allergy cream?? isn't there any other special cream for tight foreskins? Will this cream do any harm my penis?Am I wrong or right about this whole thing?

I know circumcision is good but for now I'm more comcerned bout this

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    Vega, you soooo need a second opinion on this! It sounds like your doctor is not up on modern treatments for phimosis and is probably from the generation who thought mutilating guys' genitals was "normal." Don't get cut! - you will regret it for the rest of your life. A lot of men now are trying to restore their foreskins to provide some protection for their chaffed glans (heads), but restoration can't give you back the thousands of pleasure-causing nerve endings in the foreskin you were born with. Lots of guys are a little tight at 16. Use the cream and stretch your 'skin. Be firm but gentle. Even if it gets a little sore, it won't hurt like hell the way chopping it off will. You really do not want to lose this wonderful body part.

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    hi dude..sorry bout your problem...i am going to suggest these

    pointers to u...

    circumcision is the quickest and standard approach to phimosis..

    most medics are familiar with this condition of yours and a circum can be done safely at most hospitals by a urologist... if ur

    keen on keeping your foreskin then a small insertion can be made on the foreskin to allow for easy access in glans hygiene and painless erections... however there is a catch here... if the foreskin(which has a tight narrow aperture) suddenly gets catch in the groove around your penis head then u have a problem...if u cannot safely and painlessly manually manipulate the foreskin back over the glans then ur stuck with another medically condition called thats a bugger!! u will need to see a urologist urgently to help remedy the situation(if the urologist is a swedish hottie then yippie-for-skippie)

    creams and foreskin dilation and such merely delay the whole surgical route and causes alot of unneccessary physical and phsychological pain to u ... and the last thing we need is another man with a penis question...

    as for the cream ur using...leave it(short answer)

    just consult a urologist who is sympathetic to your concerns and get the solution thats best suited to your lifestyle and manhood(with or without the hood)...go getem tiger,,,

    Source(s): senior internal medical resident in South Africa
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    Phimosis is cured with circumcision, and by no other way.

    Foreskin streaching or creams are not really useful and does not work in all cases.

    Even if it works at first, the phimosis will come back after some time (personal experience)

    The best, definitive and most sensible solution is circumcision.

    Now some info on circumcision, keep reading...

    CIRCUMCISION IS VERY BENEFICIAL, its cleaner, healthier and several prestigious research institutions have proved that circumcised men have less risk of contracting STD's such as AIDS-HIV, syphilis or herpes.

    Uncircumcised penises are difficult to keep clean, and more prone to infections and penile cancer, studies have shown.

    A circumcised penis is naturally clean and virtually free from urinary infections. You will not have to worry again with careful washing of your penis.

    Is it NOT true that the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) does not recommend circumcision. They simply say they leave the decision to parents. But recently, and specially after the recent studies by the US National Institutes of Health, the AAP has been discussing if it may be necessary to change their policy and recommend circumcision to all newborns as they used to do, so in the future we may see that the AAP advocates circumcision again.

    Have a look at:

    About STD's:

    As I said, several studies carried out by prestigious research bodies have proved that uncircumcised penises are more prone to infections and contraction of STD's, including AIDS-HIV. It has been confirmed that circumcised men are up to 70% less likely to be infected than those who are uncircumcised. Have a look at this site:

    As for women, studies also show that circumcision also protects female partners from AIDS-HIV and other STD's. Browse this article:

    About sensitivity of a circumcised penis:

    NO medical or physiological study has ever shown that circumcision reduces sensitivity, opposed to common belief. It is completely FALSE that circumcision reduces penis sensitivity. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) confirms this on their web site; have a look at:

    Circumcision is an easy and nowadays *painless* procedure, which has many benefits, and virtually no risks.

    Circumcision is NOT an amputation. Circumcision is NOT comparable at all to female circumcision, which is something completely different.

    Circumcision rates are INCREASING nowadays, both in the United States and overseas. Many African, Asian and Latin American countries with little circumcision tradition are starting to promote the procedure to help to reduce the AIDS-HIV infection rates.

    Finally, this site has a lot of useful and *unbiased* information. Make sure you have a good look:

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    Get circumcised - it's the only satisfactory solution and will give you countless benefits.

    Source(s): Personal experience - the only kind that counts!
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    you should try a glansie before having surgery.

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