(2 QUESTIONS HERE) What are "IE URL History" and how do i delete it??

or were can i download virusis on my coumpters for free? some stuff it just tells me the virusis i have how do i delete them 4 free??

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    ie url history is internet sites you have visited, to delete them clear your cookies

    click tools

    internet properties

    browsing history then hit delete.

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    IE URL History is the history of webpages that you have visited on your system. The system stores a complete record of all the web pages, either in cookies or Temporary Internet Files.

    To delete the histor, open IE, tools->internet options->clear history.

    For removing viruses, download any of the free antivirus SW from the links below:



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    IE url history is basically the sites youve visited, it is stored in a folder from w/c u can visit it again without typing it all over again in the browser.. you can delete it by 1.open an I E 2. select the tools option located at the top of the browser 3.choose the intrnet options then click the "click historyy" thats it !!!

    what do u really want to download? a virus or a virus protector?

    if u wanted to download a virus protector or an antivirus program u can choose from mc cafe or a norton antivirus .. both of them have the same application of providing protection on ur PC on all sorts of viruses... u can visit to www.download.com 4 other kind of applications regarding antivirus .

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    Tools >Internet opions>Clear Cookies, Cache and Delete History

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    Histortry means there is aplace holder . it stores the web page u last visited. There is an option is IE explore menu. Click tools from IE menu and click clear history button.

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    internet options, delete history, delete cookie, delete temporary internet file.

    you have to buy anti-virus software in order to delete the viruses, it'll run between $30 - $90. dont go too cheap on this.

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