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So, when will people stop asking about Saddam? Who is next? Najad or Khamane?

ok, the man is dead now.. let's look for the future, like uncle france said. let's see who is next.. like what Yahoo say, it is driving me nuts to know, who is next? is it Najad? or is it Khamanae?


No, they did not hung the others, according security advisor Rubae, they just hung Saddam... while Najad is the iranian president, revolutionist killer, and Khamanae is Iran religious leader and co-revolutionist of Khomainy, many murdered under his regime in Iran, plus lots of people in died in their war iraq-iran war.

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    Well he's only been dead like 6 hours, I mean most people (In America) are sleeping and probably don't even know about it yet. So just chill people are gonna wanna discuss it. BTW what do mean who is next? there were all hung? 3 people right? Well I don't even know who Najad or Khamanae maybe I misunderstood your question....But they did say that they hung Saddam first and then two others.

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