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Translate from Russian to English?


please someone translate this article into English,very urgent!!!!

Spasiba balshoi


or at least tell what is it about in general.

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    It's about an incident,which happened during the concert of one of Russian singers.Well some people think he is gay,because he wears unusual clothes.And there was a demonstration against the singer giving a concert.It was in Buryatia.

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    This article is quite long and it would take a while to translate it. I know what I say as I am a translater. Moreover urgently and for free !

    Look for online translators. There is a large choice on the web. That's far from being perfect but it's a good help anyway.

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    You are wanting a service for free that would normally cost you around 50 dollars or so a page.

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    try this i suse it to translate russian to english and vice versa but its not perfect and will only give you the general idea, udachi poka

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    it means that "Thank you very much"

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