Will Bianca get over her shock of Zarf's appearance.?

I saw the previews for Monday's "All My Children", will Bianca get over her initial shock over Zarf's appearance as a woman. Or will she feel betrayed he wasn't honest with her. Will Kendall tell Ryan what she knows about his connection to Emma? Will Colby get the goods on Babe and Josh? Is Kathy Jamie and JR's long lost little sister Kate. If she is, then will Krystal reveal the true paternity of her or will she allow Adam to believe Charlotte is his little girl?


Is Bianca beginning to understand Zoe after her conversation with her brother. Will she presuade Kendall to tell Ryan that Emma is his daughter? Will Kendall ever resolcve her feelings towards Annie?

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    If Bianca is a lesbian don't you think she would've know deep down inside that she/he was a woman? I don't think Kendall will tell Ryan, and I'm sure she'll do what she can to stop Josh from telling him. Why is Colby so against Babe anyway? I wish she would just go back and live with Liza. I don't think Kathy is Kate, that would just be too obvious. I think and hope Krystal keeps her mouth shut about the baby, but then again we all know how the soaps work.. lol

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    (Monday) I missed seeing Zarf as a woman...I thought he WAS a woman acting as a man....Kendall is very protective of Ryan, so I am not sure...Colby is getting more annoying each week, but I was surprised at her kindness with getting Erica and Jack back together....I do believe that Kathy is Dixie and Tad's long lost "Kate"...and if Krystal does reveal, she'd be stupid...she'd lose all of Adam's money...I think she'll keep it secret for as long as she can....I am still confused as to Emma's real "parents", everyone is so busy switching paternity results that I can never keep it straight...(Tuesday) I saw Zarf today...he's a very unattractive woman, isn't he? I feel sorry for him, but can't Bianca get a normal relationship EVER?

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    I think Bianca is going to get over it, but I have no idea what is wrong with the AMC writers. First you have ERicas unabortion which got the award for the most unbelieveable storyline adn then Gregs coffin sceen for 5 weeks which got worst plot of the season. Seriously... what are the amc people smoking?

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