What is Yahoo 360? and what does it meen when when you invite them to yahoo 360?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    360 is a page that you can write pretty much anything you want on it has places for pics and links its really cool a blog go there and check it out. to invite someone is just asking them to view your page and then they can link to you and if they have the plug in they can see when you update your page threw yahoo IM and come back and check it out after your update i have a 360 actually 2 one for me and one for my cat i had fun making hers shes and old cat 18 and i just thought it would be fun and some of the answers i gave for her are pretty cute and funny plus i posted her pic and pics of her friends then i have mine from when i went to the micheal w smith concert it was really cool i love him and the concert was the most awesome concert iv been to i dunno if we are supposed to share links here to 360 pages or i's post it so check it out and mix it up have fun with it

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