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how many trees are in your yard?

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    Heaps!...Too many to count sorry, but just to name a few...banana trees, coconut trees, a couple of mango trees, some palms and so on and so forth....BTW we live in Fiji hence all the tropical trees:)

    Interesting quesation though.....:)


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    4 Peppermint - Agonis Flexuosa

    1 Magnolia Soulangeana

    1 Crepe Myrtle

    3 Silver Birch

    1 Nashee Pear

    1 Stella Cherry

    1 Tahitian Lime

    1 'Eureka' Lemon

    1 Kalamata Olive

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    3 cherry, 1 apple, and some firs plus a bunch in the back yard, lost a few after a bad wind storm last week. I live in WA state though. We have trees everywhere.

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    iam a tree farmer so lets see1 2 3 never mind!

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    2 in the front. 1 in the back.

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    In the centre of town, five 80-year-olds, two 50-year-olds, one 10-year old, and three 2-year-olds

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