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For those who know Italian, what does this mean in English?

Como se dice la palabra LOCURA en lunfardo, en otro idioma (y cual), sinonimos, o alguna forma de denominarla?

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    This, my friend, is SPANISH:

    "How does Locura (madness) translate into Lunfardo (slang of the poor neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, Argentina) or in other languages(and which ones);any8 synonyms,or is there any other way of calling it?"

    That's what it says

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    Are you sure that's italian? Because I've been taking italian for a while, but I don't understand it all. The beginning is something like "how do you say -the word-(???) Locura (whatever that means) the rest I don't understand. It looks more like spanish or portughese

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    I don't understand why did you post your question in this "travels" section instead of in "language".And why you do ask to those who know Italian a question for the lunfardo language and you complete yr question in Spanish ??? I know what LOCURA is in Italian (follia,pazzia,alienazione mentale), in English

    (insanity, folly, madness) and in French (demènce,follie) but in spite I've found 2 sites with Lunfardo dictionary, none of them has a proper word to translate LOCURA.

    You may check by yrself to below links

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    I speak italian and Im pretty sure this is spanish

    In english from spanish

    Chest of drawers if MADNESS says the word in lunfardo, in another idiom (and which), synonyms, or some to forms denominates you her / it?

    In italian it doesnt make sense

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  • ellooo
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    locura = pazzia

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    crazyness in english, pazzia in italian

  • Anonymous
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    are you trying to describe something or someone in that South American language?

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    it's spanish and not italian.

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