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Why do people oppose death for Saddam?

I wrote a question earlier and got mixed responses. I was in Saudi Arabia when Saddams army was raping and killing everyone in sight. They would pull a car over, drag the family out and execute them on the side of the road. Many other atrocities have been ordered by Saddam. Do people think that these thing are forgivable? Have we gotten that soft. Please tell me that my friends that died during the war didnt die for someone second guessing crimes against humanity should not be punished. Saddam is a sadistic man. I wasnt allowed to finish the job while I was in the military. Seeing him dead would give me closure to my friends deaths. That is why I want to see it, not because I am perverted. Semper Fidelis. If you dont know what that means, look it up.

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    I am for the death penelty for people who commit such crimes as Saddam did. The only reason I would have perhaps not wanted death for him would be because of the reactions that we are going to face now, look at the sad incident in Madrid. Yet, if we keep moving the line back for these people to cross... then where does it end. Americans need to stick together at this time and not argue because we have a long road ahead of us.

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    Um... first of all, I'm sorry for what you had to go through.. I honestly believe that many of the opponents would have a different opinion today had they witnessed what you saw.

    Having said that, here are some reasons that I think people may raise:

    The negative impact of his execution: It may cause a lot or uproar leading to more deaths of innocent people.

    Religious/philosophical reasons: Some may feel that we do not have the right to execute another individual and Saddam having executed countless others doesn't justify our imposing death on him.

    Belief that death penalty is softer than life-time imprisonment: I hear this from time to time. Some people really think that life time confinement would be worse for them.

    Now that his execution has become part of the history, i hope it brings some kind of closure to you and others and we can all learn from this so as not to repeat the same thing in the future.

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    Saddam is dead now, The people who are opposing and still condemning his death are the person who have to do nothing with the human rights and value, they only think of one thing i.e. religion and they don't know the entire thing what Saddam has done.

    So, We should think that persons opposing/condemning his death are not wise/unknown to the fact/ and so, we should forgive them, Everything will be normal very soon.

    It is an end of an HITLER.

    So, Its a Party Time


  • Thank you for your service to our country. We need more soldiers like you. My father was there at that time as well. I have to agree that I think our country has gone soft. I am glad to know that such an evil person has finally been punished for his crimes. If you ask me, the way he was dealt with was nothing in comparison to what he did to countless others. Satan had a special place in hell for that one. Semper Fi!

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    Most of the Muslims,like Muslims of Pakistan opposes the death of Saddam as he is of their religion. These Muslims also demand that killing Saddam is disobeying Human Rights- they also think that USA is disobeying the rights given by United Nations.

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    No Justice. yet you are able to thank our Generals/Rumsfeld for telling the warriors that got here across Saddam to no longer kill him, fairly they mandatory to parade him on television court docket in yet another detrimental attempt to justify the conflict. what number human beings did this decision kill? Our government thought he might communicate, he stated no longer something. Kill the madman already and pass directly to the subsequent one, you recognize they're going to. Blair desires to maintain his catch close, his time in power is likewise constrained.

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    Although saddam was a horrible person, his death could result in thousands of deaths from violence, think about the insurgency when he was caught, now imagine it after he was killed. Also, some people say that the US kind of controlled the trial.

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    Killing for Peace is like Screaming for Silence.

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    Gawd Knows! Makes me laugh how they spout of about "being afraid of an old man in prison"!!

    Do me a favour!...its like saying Hitler was kind to animals!

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    I don't know, but don't blame this on Liberals.. I'm damn happy that he is dead and gone. I'm sure Fox news will find some sap that believes otherwise and make him mainstream media, but don't believe that all Liberals are the same pansies as that poor sap...

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