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Should I just look for a sugarmama?

I can't seem to find any girls interested in me or even noticing my interest in them. I'm a recoveing addict and I don't drink so bars and clubs are out of the question. Should I just give up looking for what I want and settle for a unsatisfying relationship with an old sugarmama? I'm looking for someone in their mid-20's to my age. I'm 33 and time isn't a luxury anymore. I don't think I'm old but I don't want to be alone anymore. If you want to know a bit about me you can look in my 360 page and MySpace link there.

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    You want to be a gold digger?? Why sell yourself short--You make it sound like you are old --NOT--there is someone out there for you just be patient--

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    my goodness you want a sugarmama in their 20's wow

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    you are 33!!!!!

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