I am unable to rent my house in Bangalore since 4 months from now. Can anyone help me the nest way to rent it?

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    Place for rent ads on your local newspaper, have a large for rent sign on your property, make sure it is viewable, Or adding amenities such as heat, cable included to attract renters wouldn't hurt. Also make sure the house is in good condition updating it or painting the house will improve your chances of renting your house I have three properties and haven't had any problems renting them. I was even hired by my aunt to rent her six unit property that was vacant for a good year and a half. In a pretty secluded area, but once I applied all help full hints mentioned above, I am happy to say that her six unit building is all occupied. Her rental income is $4,500 a month. Good Luck!

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    Source(s): Rent To Own Home : http://renttoownhome.iukiy.com/?SPnb
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