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which positios r best for avoid pregnancy?

i do not wnat any kind of condems or pills

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    As long as the penis is not in the vagina you wont have to worry about pregnancy.

    I dont know why you ppl have a problem with condoms!!!!!

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    There isn't any kind of position that can stop getting pregnant. It's not like if you have sex when your on your left side and one leg up for example. No matter what position you take you can get pregnant. If you would like to have intercourse and don't want to use the pill or condoms there are other types of B.C. devices out there. You really should use a condom to avoid any type of s.t.d if your with your partner and you know your both clean then you can also try to use the withdrawal method. In order to do this and have it be affective you have to be accurate on your day that you get your period. Once you have that down pat and know that is when you get your period every month you have to keep a calendar and count back 12-14 days before your period and then, 12-14 days after your period. Those days are the days that you start to ovulate. A lot of Catholic couples use this method but, it isn't the most safe or accurate method to use but it is better than nothing at all. Goof luck to you and I hope that it works for you.

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    Have you considered getting a diaphragm? Or looking into spermicides? There are numerous other ways to prevent pregnancy other than condoms or pills - those two are just the most popular methods.

    As for "positions" - any time you have unprotected sex and you are not using another form of contraception you are putting yourself at risk for a pregnancy. No matter if you're standing on your head, standing up, doing it in a pool, your insides are still going to come into contact with sperm, and with it the possibility of fertilizing an egg.

  • Position 69 or anal intercourse, these are the only positions which can save you from being pregnant. If you don't want to use condom or pills, then best way you use KY gel with spermicides. I don't know how much effective is it, but one of my friends use it regularly. Some people say that 'woman over man' position can avoid pregnancy, but that I don't think is true. Because a single active sperm is enough to make you pregnant, and there are innumerable in one ejaculation.

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    The "Not Having Sex" Position is the best to avoid getting preggy! If you are going to be sexually active you should use condoms at all times! Oral and anal sex can keep you from getting pregnant but they don't protect you from STD's! Be responsible when you have sex, you obviously don't want a child so please don't make one that would be unwanted!

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    Really, your 28 years of age. You should already know this. No position stops a pregnancy, remember the birds and the bees? You have to have contraception.

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    The best position for not getting pregnant is one in which you're not having sex. Sex with no CONDOMS or other type of birth control = pregnancy (unless one or both of you are sterile)

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    There is no position out there that is going to help prevent pregnancy! The only thing I can come up with is oral sex!!!

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    On your knees, mouth open. Sorry, but that really is the best matter what intercourse position you do, if the sperm end up inside your body, you will get pregnant.

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    2 blocks away fully clothed. aka not having sex. oral or anal are highly unlikely to result in pregnancy. but with out condoms you also risk STD's and not just pregnancy.

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