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Do you ever wonder what could happen under, under the umbrella tree?

I am getting tired of yahoo answers.

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    you go and stand under, under umbrella tree and find out urself.

    and why are you getting tired of yahoo answers?

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    I am getting tired of all of it I mean being on this computer, what does it matter? Another way to find or get the bad news instead of living ones day to day life hugh? What is an umbrellla tree? Perhaps a better thing? What is a lum lum tree? This cyber space seems to be the la la land and not sure it is always the best space to be? It is where so much in my life has been though and my friends too, perhaps with a new day and a new year it is time to try to make new friends? We will see? Some times it gets a bit rediculous doesn't it?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well we all know what happened under the

    "Lum Lum tree" and the "Rain tree"

    perhaps its just the "Wind in the Willows"?

    who knows for sure~

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