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My hair turning brown when chemical is put, advice plz?

My hair is so dark while natural but when chemical is applied turns so brown after some months. Why is it so and how can I help this situation coz I like styling my hair when palm chemical is applied. I have been doing treatment as adviced, apply hair food as I'm surposed to but no change so far. The hair itself is very heathy and long enough to be admired, surely advice me to maintain the dark colour of my hair.

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    dont apply the chemicals....wht's the point in styling ur hair if it's spoilt.

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    ok,for boys hair is the main things which attracts everybody,dont apply any artificial chemicals. ok,if u think that u hair is going to damage forget about that,go for another option,there are so many natural ingredients like neem,egg white,almond oil,lemon etc, dont put cap why because the hair must have sufficient air otherwise the hair will split this is also one of the reason for not getting long hair.

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    ANything chemical will act as a bleaching/lightening agent. Dont apply chemicals if you dont like what it does to the color change in your hair

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    Wear you natural color and be happy that you have nice dark hair.

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