diversity in a country?

is diversity a strength or a liability in a country?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Diversity offers choices in food, holidays, decor, clothing, in thought, and in views.

    But within diversity there needs to be something that holds it all together. This glue is American culture, American language, and American institutions like Law, Schools, and such.

    Each culture can keep what makes them unique, but they should also meet other cultures in middle by embracing American culture and language.

    Its very fascinating, really. I met this guy from India and his friend from Rwanda at a business party last November. We didn't have a whole lot of small talk because we three each grew up in a different world, on a different continent. But then when one of them mentioned about that tv show Heroes and suddenly we were all chatting like we were old buddies. We moved to Superman, then to reality shows, then to the movies, then to the new mall they were building down the street.

    I didn't ask them to give up their culture, nor to wholly devour mine. But we did find something in common and went from there.

    If groups coming in don't make the attempt to learn the language or the Law or pay taxes or even watch tv or know our holidays then being different becomes a liability for all of us. It breeds intolerance and bigotry.

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    The question is great, until a country faces international conflict the strength or liability of its diversity remains untested.

    I for one would love to think diversity in a situation of grave conflict would translate to patriotism toward the country of residency.

    I also dread the thought of the actual occurrance of such an event to find it not so....

    OK I'm going strength because of the fact I live in Oz and you back your mate!

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    They r like 2 side of the same coin !

  • 1 decade ago

    liability if those being imported are from buggered up racist cultures, which i believe most are.

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