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Do you believe in soul mates? or have found yours?

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    If you would have ask me that question five years ago I would say no.. But i met her married her and we are so the same that we could have been twins.. Although she was born on the other side of the planet about the same time I was.We always know what the other is thinking and always find the same things interesting.I can go in a store look over the store come out and never say a word and she will go in and find the same item i found buy it and its just what i choose with no prior knowledge .We always say what the other is thinking before we say it..We know what the other is feeling pain wise or feelings because the other is experiencing the same things so you tell me do you believe..This is the absolute truth.. not a random thing but has been exactly like this everyday for almost four years..

  • I never believed in the whole soul mates phrase until I met my husband. I'd been married before and never had the connection that I have with my husband. There's no descbribing it, it's just a feeling.

  • I do believe in soul mates. I think it's so wild and awesome that everyone has that one person that was made for them. It's such a spin tingling thought (in a good way)

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    I believe that some people do have them, and other people do not. I personally do not have one, and never will. But I know others who have found theirs, and they are made for each other. It's just fate, I guess.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I do believe....I also believe that we find soul mates in friends as well as lovers.

    and I have indeed found mine, thanks for asking.

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    No i do not believe in them. And no i have not found one.

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    OF COURSE! and if anyone doesn't, its because they don't want to, or haven't found theirs.

    i am very young, and people tell me that I'm too young to have found mine already, but i know they are wrong,when you find them you know. its when you hug them and its not close enough,you hesiate to hang up the phone, when all you want if for them to be happy...its a indescribable feeling.

    just don't let anyone tell you they aren't out there. and don't doubt your self.=]

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    Yes i do and i found mine 9 months ago and im always happy!

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    Yes i believe, no i havent

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    yes & I also believe you can have more than one.

    you will know when you find one because they touch your heart in a way no other can.

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