I have a really oily face , what do i do ?

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    1.use toner after cleansing.. if your skin feels tight after cleansing, you need a moisturiser.. if not, skip moisturising your skin

    2.do not use facial scrubs as it will trigger sebums in your skin to produce even more oil

    3. even though it says to use once a week, facial masks can be used 2-3 times a week... use a gentle mask though

    4.bring oil blotters with you and remember to use sunblock!

    Source(s): experience... used to have really oily skin, but no more!! yay!
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    You're required to clean your face twice/thrice a day. Use of sulphur soap is beneficial. Also, remember to clean your face at night before ritiring with some good quality cleansing milk or unboiled milk. Avoid greasy food. Your intake of water should be at least 8 glasses a day. A greasy skin doesn't require makeup. Cleansing the pores with steaming one a week is an effective method to keep the skin greaseless. Use a face-pack (that is suitable for oily skin) after steaming. This is called facial. Face packs are available in the market but they can also be made at home like below. Oily skin remedy...

    1. Make a puree of fresh tomato, apply to the skin & wait for about 30 minutes & wash off.

    2. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with an egg white until frothy. Apply to the skin & wait for it to dry. When it dry, wash off.

    3. A great pack for oily skin is the chilled cucumber.Finely grate cucumber or blend a cucumber in the blender to form a paste.Chill in the fridge.Apply it on the face and relax for 15 minutes.Wash off with cold water.For best results, repeat twice a week, on a clean, cleansed face.

    Tips: Keep a bowl of water in the fridge and splash this cold water on your face 3-4 times a day.Cold water will not only leave you feeling refreshed but will also tighten the pores, reduce the oiliness & you'll look 10 years younger if you follow this method from now on.


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    Oily skin is as a result of a Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) deficiency. Add a multivitamin B executive stress tablet to you daily diet. Also foods that contain B2 are whole grains,black strap molasses,organ meats, egg yolks legumes and nuts. A daily intake of 1.0mg per day is the minimum required for avoiding ailments such as oily skin, cracks and sores in mouth, digestive disturbances.......Hope this helps.........Good Luck :)

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    wash your face with a clay based soap...it dries up all your oily skin and refines your pores. Its like only $8.00 and you get from Pharmacies in Mexico.Rx

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    try using face wash

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