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How can I erase files that have been emptied from recycle bin with drive erase pro?

These are the only files I want to wipe. I do not want to wipe my entire hard drive and lose everything on it; however I do not know where to look for these deleted files. Or is there anything else I can do to save all my media files, documents, etc. and wipe only the emptied recycle bin files?

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    I do not know about the program that you mention here but I have used another free program called Restoration to do the job. Please read about my experiences with the software on the following pages

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    You can delete the empty folders and also empty the recycle bin. I can give you a link that deals with hard drive problems.

    Some drive problems can be easily fixed by yourself using easily available tools. I found the info at useful. Try this site, if you can get what is required.

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    You files that have been emptied from your recycle bin go to C:\RECYCLER. You can use a "secure delete" option from many software to fully overwrite these.

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