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Was this justified?

My b/f and I got into a fight last night. He was accusing me of cheating so he grabbed my cell and said, "Oh you're not cheating? Then what the (censor) is THIS?" and he showed me a text from a guy. I told him it was none of his business and tried to grab my cell from him. He instead pushed me to the ground and called me a ***** for cheating. I started crying and got up and poked him in the eyes, the grabbed his shoulders and kneed him square in the balls. He fell down and then I kicked him like four times and then I grabbed his balls with my hand and twisted them for like two minutes. He was literally screaming in pain, pleading me to stop, saying sorry. I sad "oh but you weren't sorry when you were calling me names huh?" so then I picked up my foot and stomped on his balls as HARD as I could. He was soo pale and on the ground in pain...I started laughing and walked out.

Well I wasn't really cheating on him that's why I got so upset and started kicking him b/c we'd been together for



OK yeah I was texting a guy back and forth, but I just KISSED him and only ONCE. So it's not like it had been going on...just a one time thing.

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    Just wow.

    Okay listen, unless he was raping/abusing you, then you shouldn't have abused his balls like THAT.

    You can seriously do permanent damage.

    If you guys are having a problem, then you need to talk it out (not to sound like your therapist...).

    If you're upset, I can understand slapping him or something like that, but a ball twister, that's gotta hurt.

    Now, since he pushed you, was it hard?

    If it really was and he was actually trying to hurt you, I would kick him in the balls, take my phone, and leave.


    it doesn't seem he was trying to physically hurt you.

    As for the guy you were texting,

    I won't say you shouldn't have kissed him, because people define cheating differently, but turn the situation around. What if your boyfriend kissed another girl?

    If you don't mind it, then okay, cool.

    The best thing I can say to make it..at least a little just, is to call your boyfriend and straighten things out. Though I cannot tell you how he'll react after the ball twister you gave him...

    But still, call him.

    Hope this helps.

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    This is a rather odd question for someone named "john s." You have issues, whoever you are. No matter if you lied or told the truth, you're still psycho. No, that isn't justified unless the dude tried to murder someone. And even then, it's way too excessive. Good night!

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    First off, turning to violence is NEVER justified. What comes around, goes around. In my experiences, the one who accuses is usually the one with something to hide.

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    oh my gosh! that is cheating! and no it wasn't justified!! you need help. like serious anger managment or something! i hope this guy dumped you and never comes back. you could have permenently done damage. he might not be able to have kids because of you. IDIOT!

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    what u had done is OK but remember if u going on cking his balls as hard as u can he may die and u will remain a killer and u would be jailed another poolandevi .

    but yes, u hv to teach him alesson its OK but in controll ur self first.

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