Saddam was hanged to satisfy Israel or he had to pay this price for making the WMD non-existant?

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    Saddam was executed to prevent any future embarrassment to the US Government. He was a Patsy used against Iran in the Iran/Iraq war. He received billions in back-door money and equipment supplies.

    If he was allowed to openly discuss the amount and type of assistance he received from the US, from his rise to power to the first Gulf War, I believe that it would be seriously embarrassing the our Government.

    He was ousted for expelling CIA spies, dressed as weapons Inspectors, from his country.

    Revision #100 of the reasons for the Invasion, was because he was a ruthless dictator and killed thousands of his people.

    He was convicted and executed of killing less than 200. These were mostly men, but did include family members of the persons Saddam believed to be involved in the failed assassination attempt.

    Since our invasion, more than 500,000 innocent innocent men, women and children have died. In his entire ruthless career, Saddam never killed that many.

    I am very glad that we already have a democracy that has received the GW Bush seal of approval. Somehow I don't believe that the American People would accept the premise that this many "collateral" deaths were unavoidable or worth the price of replacing our leadership.

    Revision # 157, of the reasons for invading Iraq was to bring a democracy to the center of the middle East.

    Since the end of WWII, we have repeatedly FAILED around the world, in spreading Democracy. Instead what rises from US intervention are military dictatorships that spend years killing their own citizens. I hold no misconceptions about the outcome in Iraq.

    By the way, if Democracy in the Middle East was the core issue, our government would not have stopped aid to the Palestinians for freely electing a government that was anti-American. This is directly punishing a democratic people for exercising their rights.

    When we will we learn that US Business interests do not equal US National Security interests.

    When will we figure out that you can not install a successful Government.

    When will we have the wisdom to realize that we do not always know what is best for everybody.

    How many countries will be devastated before we realize that the role of the "world's only superpower" should be one of a GENTLE Giant.

    We should be solving the world's problems, not increasing their severity.

    An Army of aid workers could bring the changes we seem to require of the world faster, and cheaper, than a military designed to kill.

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    Look, not to be rude, but if anyone doesnt like this topic.. THEN DONT COMPLAIN AND COMMENT!! haha seriously..

    Either way... Saddam was not hanged to satisfy Israel.. The brutel and inhumane attacks on the innocent Lebanese people did that...

    Saddam was hanged because the American government needs more time in Iraq so all the businesses they are setting up can become securied and they can have a powerful hold on Iraq, which leaves most of the Middle-east under their rule..

    Plus, Georgie can not leave Iraqi looking THAT stupid.. he has to at least Kill Saddam, who already really has no more power.. I guess almost 3000 of our soliders was worth it..

    But doesn't anyone wonder why it took so long.. and why of all days, the first day of Eid... where is the respect.. clearly there is going to be at least a little bit of a ripple... Shouldnt the Iraqi people have the right to celebrate Eid and then face this big change

    I do not care if Saddam deserved to die or not... WHICH I AM SURE WE ALL AGREE THAT HE DID.. I however do not like how it was done.. and dont give me the whole Iraqi court BS... it was like a playdate set up by the American Government

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    I have a news for You, Israel very satisfied after hundreds of SCUDs sent by Saddam in , 91....Iraq paying the demages even today from Saddam,s billions

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    finding on the numerous previous solutions jogs my memory that people who shout loudest have the least to assert and the main to conceal. The Iraqis that Saddam killed have been many times killed with the conivance and appoval of england and usa, no longer that Britain has had an self sufficient voice for years, and we killed many with the sanctions we imposed on Iraq, which the politicians knew and probably was hoping may well be the case, so as that they could portray what were their murderous tyrant as now an self sufficient murderous tyrant. attempt finding at the back of the headlines, a number of you.

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  • Bryan
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    Saddam Hussein was hanged for committing atrocities against his own people. The trial and sentence were carried out and handed down by the Iraqis themselves. You can hold whatever opinions you like on the matter, but your assumption is neither factual nor realistic.

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    He was hanged for killing 189 people in a town here in Iraq.

    Learn to read the news it isnt so bad..... you just start at the top left and start reading..........

    He killed 180,000 Kurds using Soviet made gas.

    What planet do you live on anyway?

    How old are the radio broadcasts that reach out there to 'La-La' land where you're typing this nonsense?

    Source(s): It had nothing to do with Israel you LEMMING
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    He was tried by an Iraqi court for murder and attempted genocide. These things actually happened and if you look at history, people are executed for such actions all the time.

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    Who cares? It's over now and he got what he deserved either way. As much as I disagree with George W. This is a good day for the U.S. as well as the rest of the world...

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    he had to pay the price for F$%cking with the Bush cartel!

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