Global farm ltd in ghana west africa is existing.Its true that they are hiring workers for their company?

Job opening was published by dev seeker but i read some news that the said job hiring is a scam. How true it is.

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  • Trevor
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    1 decade ago
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    It's a scam. My guess is that you've seen an ad on the intenet offering either $2,000 or $4,000 a month to work on a farm in Ghana and if it's the original scam then you'll be given an e-mail interview, told you've got the job and need to send $1,000 to cover admin.

    It's probably run by Nigerians, Ivorians or Zimbabweans (they run almost all the scams that originate, or appear to originate from Ghana). If you send the money that's the last you'll see of it.

    Ghana has no need to recruit farm workers from abroad. The majority of the population are already employed in agriculture and there is high unemployment so there's an abundance of experienced people already in the country.

    Further, agriculture is primarily subsistence farming. There are no large scale farms such as exist in America or Europe.

    The 'wages' on offer are a joke, they're just to tempt people into replying. Ghana is a very poor country and wages of that amount would be the US equivalent of about half a million dollars a year.

    There's more details about this scam on the Ghana Website...

  • 1 decade ago

    Trevor is right. I myself almost sent Mr. Osei Kwame the Php 1000 but reconsidered just in time. It's a scam and please spread the word.

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