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for what purpose has god sent men on earth?

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    80% of humanity, the religious folks, don't need to ask the meaning of life, the church tells them....the supernatural explanation. But the rest of us can't swallow religious dogma, because there's no evidence. Nobody can prove that there life after death, that people are tortured or rewarded after life or that there's invisible spirits running around.

    I've come to two conclusions recently:

    1. Life has no meaning

    2. Life has a million meanings.

    First, there's a certainty that death and annihilation awaits not only you, but the Earth in general. It's an astonomical certainty that our sun will supernova and leave the earth a burnt crisp, not to mention all the other extinction level events around the corner.

    Second, the million things that give us meaning are the pleasurable experiences we can conjure up during the short period we are here on the earth, in the form of the relationships we have with our kids and other people, and the 'housekeeping' types of purposes. What i mean by that are the curing disease, ending hunger, improving literacy, reducing crime, preventing war, helping other kinds of things.

    So the bottom line is, we only have a temporary meaning to life, to reduce pain and increase pleasure, other than that everything is lost to oblivion.

    To be or not to be? "To be" is temporary and "not to be" is inevitable..... gods or no gods.

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    Actually, men invented the idea of God to describe the indescribable and transcendant power which created all things. How do we know that there's a 'Higher Power' out there?

    Well, it can't actually be proven, but it is an enduring idea in human societies, and a functional argument can be made for the social and psychological benefits of belief in God.

    There is also a reasonable observation that even atheists (folks who profess no faith in God) are submitting themselves to a belief system (often an aspect of secular humanism based upon scientific reason). These God-free belief systems seem to elevate to the position occupied by God in older belief systems, the belief system itself.

    Consequently, it has been asserted by some scholars that atheists are de facto 'worshipers' of reason, itself. This may or may not be a good argument, but it does raise the question as whether to folks are ever truly subjective when they discuss something as intimate and important to their construction of self, namely, belief in God.

    Your question serves a purpose to raise other good questions. For example: 'What does the 'type' of 'God' worshiped by a society, tell us about that society?'

    For example, if a society worships a violent and angry God, will they end up being violent and angry?

    Accordingly, if society worships a peaceful and kind God, will they eventually become more kind and more peaceful?

    Which leads me to ask myself, 'What kind of God do I worship?' Is that God good, kind, and non-violent? Is the God I worship, the kind of person I would want for a neighbor?

    Makes ya think, huh?

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    Suicide venture isn't what i could call it. Jesus got here to earth so he would desire to establish his church and finally pay for our sins. to verify that this venture to be finished he had to go through and triumph over a spiritual loss of life and a temporal loss of life. this would not recommend that Jesus became sent to earth to be killed, yet extremely, basically to die, and be resurrected. the adult men who persecuted Jesus have been wicked as a results of fact they did it out of hatred and had no valid rationalization for doing it. you will desire to comprehend that God is all-powerful which potential he knows each and every thing. Which additionally potential that he knows you and that i and the human beings who persecuted Jesus quite lots. He knew that via sending Jesus down at that factor and place the human beings have been wicked sufficient to persecute Jesus. What i'm asserting is sure there is unfastened company in this and all areas of God's plan. that's such as the undeniable fact that God's plan has Eve ingesting the forbidden fruit even inspite of the shown fact that He commanded her and Adam to not. those are nevertheless examples of sins, it somewhat is why Jesus became sent down interior the 1st place. final analysis... Righteous adult men do not kill Jesus

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    It is my belief that we all have a purpose, a reason for being here. That purpose is an individual thing. For my wife it's being a Southern Gospel singer, for myself it's writing, teaching, helping others and doing research into the Holy Land.

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    And the Lord placed the Adam in the Garden, to tend it and keep it.

    To correct the irregularities of your less informed bretheren, to fortify their minds with resolution against the snares of the insidious, and to guard them against every allurement to vicious practices.

    For it is true and no lie, certian, and to be depened upon, that the superior agrees with the inferior, and the inferior with the superior, to effect that one truly wonderful work

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    Because the Divine Creator of the Universe(whomever He, She, It, or They may be) is an artist. And art can only be art if it interacts with someone. But relax, our criticism is not necessary, we are part of the work.

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    god has sent men to earth to deveplop love & brotherhood relationship between each other.

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    We were originally meant for his pleasure, to love and care for us, and then we betrayed his trust. Now we are here to endure the trials and tribulations, walk through the fire, and prove ourselves gold. And to really understand what I just said you will have to go to the manual of why we are here, Its called the Bible.

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    if you ask me , as iam a christian , i think god sent men on earth to tell the good news about jesus christ to all mankind .

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    Like the above quote, to look after our world as Adam looked after the garden - to improve it, and care for it and develop it.

    We suck at the caring part of that.

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