How can I send an American soldier fighting in Iraq a letter?

I don't know anyone fighting in Iraq but I'd like to send someone a letter. Is there anyway I can acquire the name/address of a random soldier to mail a letter to?

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    When I was stationed in Bosnia, people would address letters and packages to Any Soldier, the operation (some would include a task force), and an APO which you should be able to get from the post office. The APO is the military version of a zip code.

    For example in Bosnia letters and packages where Addressed

    Any Soldier

    Operation Joint Endeavor

    APO AE 12345

    The military mail clerks (which happen to be soldiers) will give a bag or 2 to each mail clerk that comes to the post office to collect their units mail. Deployed soldiers are able to receive mail 7 days a week. I personally have responded to many letters addressed this way. says the military post office will not accept a letter or package addressed to any soldier. This is simply not true, until recently deployed soldiers had little to no internet access. Even now not all soldiers in Iraq can get on the internet. Mail is good for morale and soldiers the do not receive much mail are encouraged by the command to respond to any soldier mail.

    I believe it is still Operation Iraqi Freedom for Iraq. Your local post office should be able to give you an APO.

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    Will you send me something good? lol jk

    what exactly do you want to say to a random person anyways?

    Edit,.. yeah go to any soldier,... 90% of the people that register just want free crap,... those are your types that ninja was talking about,.... although he'd never have the stones to say it to ones face in real life,lol

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    we had to do this at school. go to then click on where to send. click on a person and u have to send them your email so they can send you the adress to mail it.

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    Go on myspace and search users in Iraq.. It's the easiest way to find soldiers..... Good luck and thanks for your support...

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