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i have been working out? only for experts?

i have been working out for last 2 years and a lot of development in my body now a friend suggest me 2 use food supplemnets like mega mass and some enegry drinks that boosts energy level tell me about it .

only for those who have been doing it for a long time

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    supps are great.

    -mega mass is only for gaining weight and should only be used for this purpose.

    -energy drinks are ok for a quick pick-me-up, but you might as well just look into caffeine pills. there safe and you wont flood your system with junk sugar compounds.

    -anabolic stimulators are decent, if you get the strong ones.

    -prohormones i would stear clear of if your young, since you should be a testosterone machine anyways.

    -steroids... ya... well, if you want go for it, but the negatives are obvious for that one...

    -creatine is good and safe, no matter what you hear. it helps lower fatigue and will increase your max on your sets. Just look that up, cuz thats too much to talk about.

    -Whatever you do, DO NOT GET A NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTER, ex. NO-Xplode. These are terrible and do not work. They're just the next big "it" supps. anyone who says they work is just experiencing a placebo effect, where he THINKS they are working because he wants them to and believes they do.

    Well, hope that helps, have fun, and train hard!

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    Its a good start. Only if size is your goal, but you'll need other supplements besides though.

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    what is ur question???/

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