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Does glyphosate cause cancer in humans?

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    This stuff is not safe, but unfortunately many forestry agencies,

    local authorities, private-land tree-planters and bush regenerators

    now spray, dab, or otherwise apply glyphosate-containing substances to

    control weed growth prior to planting. In the U.S. in 1993, university

    studies declared glyphosate the third most commonly reported cause of

    pesticide illness among agricultural workers, and to be the most

    commonly reported cause of pesticide illness among landscape

    maintenance workers 1.

    Glyphosate is the active killing ingredient in numerous proprietary

    pesticides, including: ROUNDUP, EAZY WEEDER, SLAM grass and weed

    killer, ZERO weed spray and wand, COMKILL, SQUADRON, TILLMASTER,

    TUMBLEWEED, etc.

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    im pretty sure that going to the bathroom causes cancer. so yes.

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    This might not answer your question, but I think everything causes cancer. =\

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