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Some men are hairy while others are not why?

Which hormon do these men who are not having much hair on their body like others luck in their body. Does this interfere with their manlihood or are they just the same as othes?

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    Some guys are lucky and inherit the genes for lots of hair, others don't. Hormones can only stimulate whatever hair follicles you were born with, so if you lack follicles, you could have high levels of testosterone and still not be hairy. Hair makes a man look a lot more manly but probably does not make any difference in function.

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    Family genes....also shaving and waxing body hair is popular with urban guys.....removing hair makes you look younger and more toned........

    Manhood is basically personality and taking care of yourself.....look at the new James Bond....Brad Pit or your fav think about Mike Tyson, once a great fighter, great body...had that high voice...guys did not aspire to be Mike...they respeced his talent but did not seem him as a role model......

    If you have any doubts about acceptable body conditioning for a male of your age...gets Man's magazine....they tell you what is in

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    It's testosterone. The more testosterone, the hairier the man will be. However, it may also just be genetics. Some men have the genes for more body hair.

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    the hormone is testosterone. the more testosterone, the more hair. that also explains hairy women.

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