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What movie is this?

There's a child's movie that I vaugely remember in the far-off annals of nostalgia that I'm trying to figure out.

It was basically a fantasy quest-like movie, and at the end the hero's make their way into a chamber where the bad-guy is, and it turns out he is actually god or something like that. He proceeds to give a monologue about how god must provide both good and evil in order to create balance and order, but perhaps he overdid the evil, and hence he restores the balance.

I have no idea what movie this is and it's bugging the hell out of me. Please help.


This is not hercules. Another detail I can remember is maybe something about the main hero being a normal boy/teen recruited through some fantasy characters appearing in his bedroom. This is a live action movie, not a cartoon, and I believe the title only contains a single word.

Update 2:

It's not pagemaster either; it's quite a bit older than that - probably made in the 70's-80's (although it could be early 90's as well).

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    the only thing i can think of is pagemaster

    could it have been Time Bandits?

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    The Never Ending Story?

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    Jasmin St Clair rides the hobby horse

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