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Nexium or Prilosec?

wich one is better?by price Prilosec is way much better than Nexium

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    Listen to my advice. I have had gastritis for 2 years its going to be. I had really bad heartburn and my esophagus was burning. The doctor send me Nexium, by request, the gastriontologist was going to give me Prilosec, but I insisted on Nexium. Let me tell you something, the next day I woke up, the heartburn was gone and so was the nausea. Nexium heals your esophagus and it stops the acid from pumping. Prilosec only, "SUPPOSEDLY" stops the acid from pumping. On me, I had taken Prilosec before and it never did anything. Talk to your doctor. If you can't afford your medication, Astrazeneca might be able to help, the people that make Nexium. NEXIUM, trust me, I'm 17 years old with Stomach problems, yeah, I know that Nexium is definitely better! It is the healing purple pill!

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