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Does compassion has limit? That it does not apply on the most evil of evil?

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    No we have to have it for Saddam Husein as well.

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    Compassion has no limit, except for the limits we put on ourselves.

    That does not mean there should be no consequences for evil action, or no punishment for evil deeds.

    A proper judge, in fact, should have some measure of compassion for the people that he judges--justice needs humanity. Sometimes, however, people imagine that if you understand why a wicked person is the way he is... if you feel compassion for his circumstances, or his mistakes... that it will somehow make it impossible to carry out the demands of justice. This is not so. We can understand why a serial-killer is the way he is (let's say he was beaten and molested as a child, etc.) and still punish his deeds, as we must do for our own preservation.

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    >Does compassion has limit? That it does not apply on the most evil of evil?

    There's this great story I always tell myself, and others, when I get depressed and start wondering if compassion can apply to the most evil of evil.

    Most people today recognize child molestation as among the most evil of actions. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to translate into being willing to pay taxes to keep them in jail, so they are let go and on average 90% molest another child.

    In Canada, some Mennonites (who are pacifist Christians) have formed Circles to deal with this problem. 10-15 people, mostly Mennonites, form a circle around one convicted child molestor on parole. They become this man's social network, helping them to celebrate special days, taking them places, and encouraging them to control themselves - for instance, when they meet regularly they might talk about why it's a bad idea to walk past the local school even if the convict has no ulterior motives for doing so.

    Among the convicts supported by these Circles, the rate of reoccurence drops from 90% to 15%.

    Most people would find it horrifying to show compassion to such people - but doing so eliminated a lot of evil and protected a lot of children.

    True compassion, which is difficult, does apply even to the most evil of evil.

    ~ Lib

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    Compassion is a human trait, so it varies from person to person. To answer your question fully, each of us must decide what "evil" is.

    I could have compassion for the most sadistic killer, if it is found that he was driven by a condition not of his causing, as an example. Yet, I would have no compassion for somebody who deliberately drinks and drives.

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    One example is God told Abraham his decendents would be slaves in Egypt for centuries 'until the sins of the canaanites be filled' so God was patient for centuries... but He wasn't patient forever..there was a limit

    God is infinite and God is long suffering and describes Himself as such, but long suffering and infinitely patient are not the same thing. God gives opportunity to repent but not limitless opportunity. God is rich in mercy and even commands us to love mercy, but today is the day of salvation and no promise that tomorrow will come and the opportunity to repent will come

    Our view of who is the most evil might be skewed though and we all live in a sin cursed world with fallen human natures tinged by evil... ironically Paul the apostle

    - in the beginning of his ministry said he was least of the apostles

    - later said he was least of the saints

    -toward the end said he was chief of sinners

    we are all sinners in serious need of grace and its allot easier to see the wrong in others than the wrong in ourselves

    Source(s): "today is the day of salvation"
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    Compassion is only one aspect of life there are many factors to take into consideration. It would be very foolish to live your life on compassion only. You would die of hunger if you don't consider the realities of life.

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    compassion is an idea, it's limits are in the individual. or more appropriately the individual is the one with the limits.

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    True compassion has no limit.

    The love of the One True God and His Divine Mesengers encompass all creation. This is expressed in Their Holy Books and Their great sacrifices.

    Evil souls, who voluntarily disobey the commands of God, spiritually condemn themselves to hellish fire according to the divine law of cause and effect. God doesn't and man cannot interfere in this law.

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    It doesn't have a limit. It wouldn't be compassion if it did.

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    Everything has a limit, it only depends on the person and the situation at hand

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    human compassion does have limits, but true compassion doesn't.

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