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How many kilometers is a 94 cavalier good for?

genreally, how long untill these things start to fall apart?


Ill rephrase the question: How long and how many kilometers did your cavalier have before you had to take it to the dump, and how well was it maintained? Also how much money of repairs do you think you put into it?

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    you should be able to put well over 200,000 miles on one I dont know about Km because its an american car/Im american but it depends on how well you drive and maintain it...

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    Don't know kilometers,but I put 242,000 miles on an '85 Cavalier and 238,000 on an '89. The A/C went out on both at about 220,000, otherwise there was just pretty much normal maintenance.

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    when it quits it quits milage has nothing to do with it don,t worry about it if you half to go on a long trip ,,rent a car..

    how long will that tree live right same thing till it dies..just like your car

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    Noone can answer that for you.

    What is the service history? Whats the current mileage?

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    No idea

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    0.....bad model of of a car.....well its only my opinion!!!!!!

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