My 3 year old daughter gives me fits why?

I have three yr old twin daughters that always seam to give me fits.But they mind my husband pretty good.When I am not with them,and they are alone he says they are normally always good unless they need a nap.Why is this?

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    This has been happening for generations.

    Do some reading on boundries and being consistant with the twins. They are in a power struggle and they are winning.

    Do some things that prevent the stress. Analize what are the triggers and then work around them. Whatever you are doing isn't wroking. Sounds like they know what buttons to push and they push them. They are old enough to understand some boundries. You need to be consistant.

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    Children always play up more with mum.

    They are normal.

    If they are playing up they need a little discpline.

    The naughty chair is a good place to start.

    You tell them ok onto the naughty chair when you can behave then you can get off.

    They may whinge a little but you tell them" it is up to you when you can behave you can come off the chair".

    This saves you from getting upset and the children have some barriers.

    Sometimes the wooden spoon works wonders on the bottom but never in anger.

    Both work well as long as the child knows you mean business and you are consistent.

    Enjoy your little ones before you know it they will be grown up and no longer your babys.

    Take time to watch the bugs and the ants ,the rainbow, dance in the rain sometimes the work can wait.

    You can never get those years back.

    Take care!

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    If you are the primary caregiver spending the most time with you then they a testing your limits. Daddy may be the "unknown" entity because he is not with them as much. I am not saying he is not involved, just that they are with him less and less familiar with where he draws the line.

    I work from home, and my children do not attend daycare. So I am home with them 24/7 (3 are in school and one is not) and I tell my husband that my voice has become like the teacher on Charlie Brown. He speaks and they hear words - I speak and they hear wawawawawa.

    It's normal - not fun sometimes, but normal. They are testing their limits on the person they know will always be there for them no matter what.

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    first off, they are twins and they are going to compete for your attention. Children always mind their fathers because he isn't around enough to be with them. And it might be that your with them too much. Consider a couple of hours away from them every day or every other day. It also might help with your insanity. and be able to coop with them.

    There are also parenting classes that might give you some ideas on how to coop with your situation.

    But try games to get them to do things. Make it fun for them and they might do what you want. Praise them when they are good. And then they might turn around. CHilren like to be praised.

    Good Luck Hon.

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    attention...i have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter that does the same thing.

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    First, it seems like kids are often better for daddies. I think it's something about their deep voice. Also, it seems like kids will go through a stage for a couple of weeks or so and just when you begin to think you're going to lose your mind, they are back to normal. I hope this makes you feel better. If you feel like it's something about your parenting, you could try watching shows like Supernanny for tips. If nothing else, those shows always make me feel like a better parent. :)

  • If your the person that puts them down to take naps, makes them eat things they dont like, punishes them- they are just acting out. My brother and sister were like that exspecially when they didnt like something- they through fits ans they did it everywhere.

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    that's just the way kids are

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