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Do you ever do something "out of the norm" at a doctors/dentists?

Do you do abnormal things at a doctor or dentists and they think you're totally nuts? For instance, I ask for a thyroid neck guard if they are going to xray me and they look at me like I"m nuts...what they've never heard of thyroid cancer from radiation before? I also refuse fluroide and my dentist totally respects w/o questions, but others think I'm nuts. The allergist wanted me to get allergy shots and I said "no I like to do things naturally" he thought I was crazy.

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    yes, one time i walked out of his chair after he gruffly told me I needed all four wisdom teeth pulled out and recommended some oral surgeon. He acted so surprised that I didn't follow his advice, AND it's been over 10 years and the wisdom teeth have never given me any problems.

    another time I was having a root canal and the numbing didn't take good so I was screaming as he drilled and he asked if I could please just "raise my hand" if it hurt. I just kept screaming. Give me a break, i guess it was bad advertising for the people in the waiting room.

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    When I was pregnant with my first child my doctor wanted to induce the birth . That is that they inject a hormone (pitocine) that accelerates childbirth. I asked why, if there was something wrong with the baby, and he said that the baby was OK. I said no, and he was angry at me. The next day I began to have natural contractions and my child was born naturally. I changed doctors after that. A few yrs later he was in the news because he was accused of making unnecessary C sections.

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    You may find a more like-minded dentist using a search service like this one....

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