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moving looking in three states texas utah and california?

looking to move in one of three locations. Texas California, Utah could use help onareas that are safe for single women shared housing or appt.s possably house rentals. Corpus cristi is one specific area of interest and powder mtn in utah also west california any feedback welcom and appreciated

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    Hello! I've lived in California and Texas--much prefer California. The weather is just crappy most of the time in Texas--either un-barably hot, freeze you to the bones wind-chill, or life threatening (tornados, etc). The people are very friendly though...and spring time, though brief, is wonderful.

    Anyways...if you are looking for cheep, safe houseing in California, try the mountains (I lived in Twin Peaks, which is as small-town and safe as it gets--and you can find very cheep house rentals compared with about anywhere else in the state). Only problem is it is hard to get work so most people commute "down the hill."

    Some places that are inexpensive on the mountains other than Twin Peaks is Running Springs, Agua Fria, Crestline (though it is a little scummier and a little less safe in some areas, like Valley of Enchantment), Green Valley Lake, Big Bear (the biggest city in that area of the mountains)...really, there are tons of little towns up there.

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    I've lived in Texas all of my life. There's something for everyone here. Texas has almost any climate you want. The northern/panhandle area gets colder during the winter and even snows, the east is hills and forestry, the west is desert climate/borders mexico, and the south is coastline (those are all generalizations). Just about anywhere you go in Texas the climate will probably be hot in the summer. I live in Austin right now for school and its a good place for the younger crowd. If you like music and partying its the place to be. There are many different places all over Texas for any price range. You could go for a smaller town and get a nice house for the same price you would pay rent in a downtown apartment in the larger cities. You just have to do your research online to decide what place would be the best for you.

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    Well here some things to think about before moving. Your looking at very different climates. Cold and dry or hot and humid. Will you miss natural green of trees and grass everywhere or do you like the sight dirt and sand as far as the eye can see? You should keep in mind that Utah is a Mormon state so if you like to party maybe not a good idea. Powder Mt area may boom during ski season but dead the rest of the year. You think about California just remember its a high tax state so you'll need money to get set up there.

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    Corpus cristi is cool, I vacaited there once. I lived in Houston 3 yrs ago for 8 yrs. It all depends on what your into and what kind of money or career youve got. I live in FL now and the price I pay for my house, I could have a 2 story luxury house in Houston.

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