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What is school spirit?

Have you gone barefoot for spirit week activities? Even on dirty school floors?


High on Life,

Were you forced to be barefoot? How did you clean your feet later?

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    I didn't go barefoot at school yet, but we did go barefoot in gym class (almost all Dutch school kids do; most school gyms don't allow footwear). You will NOT get hookworm or tetanus from barefooting; hookworm is all but gone from Western Europe & the US and even when it was still more common, that was only in the southern parts; the worm was never common in those places with cold winters. Also, it is easily treated when you have access to normal modern health care; those emancipated-looking parasite cases you sometimes see in pictures are people who either don't have access to health care (third world countries) or for whatever reason don't seek medical attention until the infection got way out of hand.

    For tetanus, the vaccination is quite safe. It is a good idea to keep that vaccination up to date no matter if you barefoot or not, because the legendary rusty nail in the foot is NOT the only way to catch it. While it is less common, it can also be caught by any somewhat-deep scratch or thorn or other injury that gets infected with soil (gardening, kids playing a bit rough in the woods) or around animals.

    Athlete's foot catches on mostly when you go barefoot briefly in the locker room and then put your foot (back) in a closed shoe; that provides the warm, damp and dark environment bacteria love to grow in... on the surface of the bare foot, there may be lots of bacteria but they rarely if ever get a chance to multiply and cause problems, as long as you don't have any injuries or lick your toes.

    Source(s): Ten years of barefoot living, barefooting in gym class in school, and looking up loads of information to answer the frequent questions of concern I get from strangers & friends.
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    LOL! I've gone barefoot on dirty school floors, but never for spirit week, more for plays and musicals LOL!

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    I wore closed-toed foot ware as long as I can remember. "Barefootedness" is a good way to get hook worm and tetanus. For the Spirit part? Who cares. Anything under college is not worth my time but for the education.

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    we were planting flowers in the front yard

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    juice that u find in your fingernails.

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