Why does Oprah think only black people were devastated by hurricane katrina?

I know alot of white people that lost everything but people dont see it like that. all different types of people lost everything and I wish poeple would see that.

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    Yes , I do agree , But Oprah sure doesn't appear to be a racist person


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    Because she is a racist. There is racism in every race but it is the only the whites that are blamed for it!!! She did all kinds of things for the black people when there were also whites that lost a lot also. Whites lost homes and business just the same. The media did not help either they mostly showed blacks not whites. It was all a political thing showing how the whites are racist. New Orleans was not the only place hit but the other places were mostly white and that is the reason you did not hear very much about them!!!

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    1 decade ago

    It's easier to go with the media flow than point out that non blacks have it tough too! There are all races of ppl in the path of the storm, but the tv only shows New Orleans blacks.

    My white mama lost her house to Katrina and just now got into a handicapped accessible apartment(12.26.2006). Immediately after the storm, she was offered this apartment. then they gave it to ppl from another city...like she didn't need it! She found somewhere to live, but the steps were hard to climb! Now she's in a good place.

    Mississippi got hit too! Half way up the entire map!

    I'd like to add that OPRAH is from Mississippi...so we are suppose to be her people regardless of color.

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    1 decade ago

    The racism didn't bother me as much as they only showed and talked about New Orleans...I know what happened in New Orleans was horrible but the Mississippi Gulf Coast was completely wiped out and it was rarely showed. I was recently on the MS Gulf Coast and it is still devastated and trying to rebuild...I saw people living under bridges in tents for heaven's sake! But all of the press went to New Orleans and therefore so did most of the donated money...People need to realize that while New Orleans needs help so does the Ms Coast - Hurricane Katrina was not limited to New Orleans...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Reverse discrimination does truly exist, though some would choose to disbelieve. The Media, and Oprah, especially, overemphasize on any human being that was traditionally considered lower than the "white man," arguing that the reason for unjust treatment in our society is always a result of racism.

    It matters not to me; I just can't stand having to deal with one more ignorant dick in my life--black or white, male or female. Demographics should mean nothing to sway someone's opinion towards another; stubbornness and disrespect is what is tears people apart in our society.

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    I know what you're saying and it's true. A lot of people lost homes, family, friends, etc. in Hurricane Katrina. I think a lot of people are focusing on African Americans because the places that had the worst damage were heavily populated by African Americans. That's just what I think, I don't know this for a fact.

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    People are biased even when they are trying to help. It is a shame that it looks like only blacks care about blacks, whites care about whites, etc. Maybe it is easier to care about people that have the same background as yourself, or who look like you??? I'm mixed so I kind of like everyone, Oprah identifies with being Black, so maybe Black issues are what she feels the most empathy for.

    Even with thte worldwide news coverage a lot of people thought only Black people were affected and they weren't. There is a large percentage of Blacks in the affected areas as well as Whites and Hispanics, but except for a few stories you wouldn't know.

    I find it also sad that other countries offered to help and were turned away or not thanked. Mexico sent their army with food and manpower and India or Pakistan had planes loaded with supplies. Obviously with the weather it may have been ahrd to get stuff to the US, but I think more people should have known about the efforts of others to help us. Sorry, I digressed :)

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    Oprah, and a great number of successful black people like her, are racist by using their celeb fame to focus only on help/support for black people; it's as if white people in New Orleans simply do NOT exist. And if you take further note, it's the same type RACISM put out by Jet, Ebony and Essence magazines--freely allowed to be expressed without anyone calling it's ugly truth for what it is.....RACISM!!! Hey: black people CAN be racists, too!!

    Oprah and her black celeb buddies have NO CLUE as to what us common folk, white AND/OR black, deal with each day.

    Less than two weeks after Katrina, Oprah deceptively "dressed down", with minimal makeup and common wear clothing (something surely painful for her to do), and posed with "blue-screen" televised images of a Katrina damaged neighborhood; a little Harpo Production special effects wizardy. She actually spoke to her TV audience like she was physically on foot there in New Orleans, appealing to everyone to do what they can to help!!! In effect, she LIED to the TV audience about her being there.....and she NEVER got called on it!! That was the very second I lost all respect for Oprah....and I haven't watched her show since....and never will again.

    But you, are right: there are BOTH white AND black New Orleans home owners (NOT housing project tennants--major difference there, people) who to this day remain Katrina affected, struggling to rebuild their homes/neighborhoods; sadly, it's the whites who are ignored by black celebs using their fame to focus attention on public help.....and it IS a form of racism.

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    First of all i feel that your question and the statement you made don't really go together. I don't feel that she thinks that only black people were affected by the hurricanes. Every one knows that people of different races were put out because of the storm. There is nothing wrong with her helping out the black community she is black herself for god sake. I mean if she was helping everybody else and not helping blacks get back on their feet or if she did nothing at all she'd get dogged for that. Black people made the news because some of the hardest hit areas were where alot of poor black people lived. This shouldn't even be a race thing it should be a american thing.

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    This is a case of citing the majority. I'm mostly caucasian, but I really want to say "get used to it" because {Insert favorite non-native race here} Americans have had to deal with it for years.

    Anyone who is a minority in the US has had to deal with either being lumped in with the majority ala Irish, Polish, Russian, etc being called whites and Africans, Jamaicans, Panamanians, etc called blacks or now African Americans, by skin color.

    Get used to it, it happens all day and has happened always.

    *shrug* You can't know EVERYONES identity

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    Oprah's show watchers are predominately middle-aged white women. That's who she caters to usually and that's who are in mind when picking show topics.

    She had to do something for "her people". Imagine how much bad publicity she would have gotten if she helped lots of displaced white people?

    I know it's unfair, but I think she's just trying to keep everyone satisfied.

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