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Need your sincere advice. is it sane to quit??

i am working as product marketing manager for a distributor in dubai for 3 months on a visit visa.working on visit is illegal.the visit visa was issued by the company coz they wanted me to come urgently.after 3 months also i have not recieved the residence visa.the HR simply says ITS UNDER PROCESS. my boss is one of those autocratic kinds and is quite impolite.several approvals are pending at his desk and thus the principal organisation raps me. their complaint to my boss has proved me incompetetent.without a residence visa i cant have a house or call my wife or even bank.i feel miserable and want to quit due to high level of demotivation. is it sane to quit

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    Erm, like everyone else, i would advise you to quit.

    If for example, you were caught in my country, which deals out a very severe punishment on illegal immigrants, or visa jumpers, it carries a jail and/or caning sentence, that you serve first, before getting deported.

    Don't know much of Dubai's law, but in anyc ase, just resign, catch the first flight home. You're demotivated, you're breaking the law, you're taking all the raps. You have to pay bills? Yea well, its alot easier to pay bills when you're on the street looking for a job, than in prison, eating for free.

    Good luck and God bless

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    Man, it is said winners never quit and quitters never win but let me tell you that it is also wise to know when to QUIT.

    If you really see a future in whatever has taken you to Dubai then keep on hanging around.

    BUt you got to see if indeed your employer is willing to help you sought out your issue.IF not then, they may be playing around with you because remember if you are caught doing work without the necessary documents, you are the one to suffer the most of this all.

    I have been there, I know waht it is.

    So, up to you now to take action.

    Blessed 2007 to you and your family.


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    I think it's insane not to quit. You are working illegally there, and if the government catches you, you will be deported, and quite possibly never be allowed back in the country. If you have a boss like that, it's not sane to keep working for him, in my opinion.

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    Your boss won't be the 1 going to jail if they come looking for you either...

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    Get some self-respect! Your company is making you break the law! Guess what happens if you get caught!!! Go home to your wife!!!!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!!!!

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    If you feel the need to quit, go ahead.

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    You should quit if you don't see any future for yourself there.

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    you are being used ...insane not to quit

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